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    PAML installation from source (#7) · 3798044c
    Cecilia-Sensalari authored
    * Change PAML installation (from source)
    * Paml instructions in installation.rst
    * Improve container docs (installation.rst)
    * Update comments in Dockerfile and Singularity file
    * Remove squared brakets in NF command
    * Rename Paralog --> Ortholog in ortholog TSV file
    * Remove redundant color argument in modeling.py
    * Update to tool name "ksrates" in the license
    * Rename "wgd" module to "wgd_ksrates"
    * Replace "wgd" with "wgd_ksrates" in container file
    * Update license (author and year)
    * Update installation.rst (link to singularity docs)
    * Add note in local installation about Windows users
    * Remove installation commands through bioconda
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