Commit 1ea5ca25 authored by Thomas Van Parys's avatar Thomas Van Parys
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......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@ process of {
file 'Orthogroups.txt' into orthoGroupsFile
set 'clusters*', 'Ortho*', 'Stat*' into ofPublish
set 'Orthogroups*', 'Stat*'
......@@ -517,13 +517,18 @@ b2gBlastRefSeqInput
.map {[, it.proteome]}
.set { b2gBlastRefSeqInput }
//optional parameter to store (big) XML output files
params.save_b2g_xml = ''
process b2gBlastRefSeq {
module 'decypher'
time null // no time limit
cpus 0
maxForks 1000
tag "$species"
publishDir "${params.output}/blast2go/blasts", mode: 'copy'
if (params.save_b2g_xml){
publishDir "${params.output}/blast2go/blasts", mode: 'copy'
set species, file(fasta) from b2gBlastRefSeqInput
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