1. 28 Mar, 2021 2 commits
  2. 25 Mar, 2021 3 commits
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      Update Documentation (concept and input_output) (#2) · a6e40622
      Cecilia-Sensalari authored
      * Update concept.rst
      * Update input_output.rst
      * Update usage.rst (file paths and descriptions)
      * Delete .buildinfo
      * Describe ks.tsv file format
      * Add (E)LMM file format description; internal links
      * Add (E)LMM file figures
      * Rename header in ELMM TSV file
      * Restructure mixture model section and add table
      * Reduce paralog analyses description in docs
      * Add Note block in input_output.rst about filenames
      * Rename header in main.nf
      * Add preprint DOI in "How to cite us" doc page
      * Replace <focal species> with species (filename)
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      Ks plots without divergence lines have inner legend (#4) · 907afe37
      Cecilia-Sensalari authored
      * Ks plot without divergence lines has inner legend
      * Anchor cluster plot without lines has inner legend
      * Exp-log plot without lines has inner legend
      * Lognormal plot without lines has inner legend
      * Reduce right margin of simple plots
      * Ask matplotlib>=3.3.3 to fix a compatibility issue
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      Anchor weights (#5) · ba1fd0fa
      Cecilia-Sensalari authored
      * Anchor weights (also in paralogs-analyses command)
      * Set the number of components to 3 in test dataset
      * Rename function in anchor weighting
      * Move compute_weight; del 0.05 in ks_list_from_tsv
  3. 18 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Merge dev into master (#1) · a401f78b
      Cecilia-Sensalari authored
      * Rename with 'focal species'
      Rename 'species of interest' and 'main species' in documentation RST files,
      function docstrings, comments in code, in config_elaeis.txt, but also
      in some actual code lines: in generate_config.py and fc_configfile.py
      ('focal_species' field), in main.nf (parse config file in setup process).
      * renaming gff_filename field
      * Rename (adjustment arrows, bootstrap iterations)
      * Improve parameter description in configuration.rst
      * Rename "adjustment" in filenames and python output
      * Rename rates: branch contribution or ks distances
      * Rename "adjustment" (leftover)
      * Describe logging level in configuration.rst
      * Add database names in input_output.rst
      * Rename peak_stats
      * Rename focal species in readme
      * Catch missing species in fasta_filenames
      * Catch missing species in latin_names and exit
      * Bugfix for catch missing species in latin_names
      * Bugifx to catch missing species in latin_names
      * Rename max_mixture_model_ks
      * Add parameter default values in configuration.rst
      * Correct RST syntax
      * Add output directory and filenames to docs
      * Remove AIC and BIC PDFs
      * Catching missing species WIP
      * Remove unnecessary newick_tree variable
      * Improve checking steps for FASTA and latin names.
      Exit if latin_names is empty or one or more species are missing.
      The new function check_complete_dictionary() lists the missing
      species in latin_names and exits.
      Check and warn if FASTA of GFF files are missing; exit after all
      the files have been checked.
      * Update test_pipeline.yml
      * Update README.md
      * Update doc/source/concept.rst
      * Update doc/source/configuration.rst
      * Update ksrates/fc_configfile.py
      * Update doc/source/configuration.rst
      * Update doc/source/paralogs_analyses.rst
      * Update ksrates/correct.py
      * Update ksrates/fc_rrt_correction.py
      * Accept suggestions by reviewer about renaming
      * Rename function "decompose_ortholog_ks"
      * Rename function to check file content
      * Rename function to check complete latin_names
      * Removing comment about Nextflow in plot_tree.py
      * Rename back to "species of interest" in wgd files
      * Mention GFF file in "colinearity" config field
      * Move logging message in setup_correction.py
      * Rename "colinearity" to "anchors" in LMM filenames
      * Change figure title of anchor Ks clustering picture
      * Rename to "focal species" in readme
      * Fix RST title
      * Link to "paralogs analyses" from expert config
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      * Replace GFF dict with string; improve checkpoints
      * Remove unnecessary function argument
      Co-authored-by: Cecilia SENSALARI's avatarcesen <cesen@psb.ugent.be>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarlohausr <56632794+lohausr@users.noreply.github.com>
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